When I came to Restoration Ranch I was a 13 year ****** and ******* addict, who was living on the streets for ten of those years. I was in the habit of hopping freight trains from Seattle, Washington to Denver, Colorado and back so that I could always get the best possible dope and have more opportunities and areas to rip people off. When I came to the ranch I was almost dead from 3 major overdoses and I was severely beaten with a bat. I had a crushed knee, arm and a split open head. I had lost all the movement in my arm on the left side due to an overdose and had been in full blown kidney failure from one after that. I still don’t know why Brian Storm took me in so messed up and so far from home. This is a working program and it is not free and I could neither work nor pay, so he was going against all his better judgment I would imagine. But am I grateful that he did! You see, I was sure I was going to die soon and I was told of the ranch through a guy named Kris at my mother’s home church. Because it was Christian, I decided reluctantly to come on the slight chance that my near future death would not result in hell for eternity. The ranch showed me in word and in deed, the love and power of Jesus and left it up to him to work on my hart, which he did, very thoroughly. Not only did I become clean and sober I met God, resulting in a massive change in my ways from the inside out. I owe my life 1st to God and second to Restoration Ranch.
God bless