The intention of the letter is to provide you with some feedback regarding Andrew XXXXXX’s stay at your facility and to appraise you of the results of his court hearing. With regard to the hearing Andrew’s case number is XXXXX04.

The comprehensive program you have established is a working testimony to the necessity to treat the whole problem rather than just one element of it. To that end, the initial period of the program (a black-out period) ensured that you had Andrew’s full attention. During this time he was not able to communicate with family or friends. Interestingly, he and other Individuals in the program can walk away. It seems to me the strength of your program is attested to by the fact that Andrew did not walk away. While over the course of his stay at your facility there were a few bumps in the road. Each time we consulted on these bumps your assessment of the situation was spot-on.

I recently assisted the executor of an estate dealing with the heir, a hard core alcoholic. After numerous attempts to get the individual to agree to rehabilitation he finally did and was admitted to Casa Palmira. He completed thirty days and at that point was sober but the fundamental problem had not been addressed. The cost of this program ($36,000.00) was paid by his trust fund and within weeks he was lost to alcohol once again and remains that way a year later. My view is that your program is a more realistic and effective program than a Betty Ford or Casa Palmira approach.

Andrew’s work with Dr. Stan Dekoven has been a significant part of his rehabilitation. This relationship will continue as Andrew is certainly not without some lingering problems. My hope is that his continued treatment results In his overcoming the issues that resulted in his losing his way. Andrew has made some poor decisions as an adult and carries a significant burden as a result. Your program has put him on the right path and for that I am very thankful.With regard to his court hearing, after some legal issue discussions, Judge Edward Allard III made the decision that your program fulfilled the requirements of the state statutes for second-time offenders.

To comply with the Judge’s findings, Andrew is required to participate in programs designed to provide direction regarding his future. He will be on probation for several years and thus must not allow himself to lose his way. As I understand those requirements he must attend Multiple Conviction and MADD programs.

During the course of the hearing (continued into a second session) the Public Defender’s Office counsel (Mr. Jose Orozco) was especially attentive and helpful regarding interpretation of the state statutes. My personal view is that the court proceedings were very thorough and carefully evaluated the entire situation with regard to Andrew. My conversations with the Public Defender’s office were beneficial to my understanding the situation. Ms. Julie Gibson, Assistant Supervising Attorney, was especially helpful.

After some issues with understanding the initial court finding immediately after Andrews’s arrest, lost documents and general confusion on everyone’s part I am pleased that it has been fairly resolved. You program is most certainly the major part of the road ahead for Andrew.

Thank you for your honest and realistic approach to rehabilitation.

XXXXXXXXXX (Andrew’s grandfather)

A Grandfather’s remarks about the Restoration Ranch Ramona San Diego County Probation Department sanctioned drug and alcohol recovery program.