Cartel Comeback Invitational
Tournament Rules

  • White stakes and fencing around the course delimit Out-of-Bounds.  Stroke and Distance penalty.
  • Red stakes delimit hazards:  Play as it lies or take a 1 stroke penalty and bring the ball back in play.
  • Protective nets, not fences, are immovable obstructions.  Take relief without penalty.
  • Men play from the white tees and women from the green tees.Men with handicap play green tees.
  • No Gimmes, this is stroke play and all balls must be putted out.
  • Score your gross score on every hole, no adjustments.Net adjustment will be done by us after you return your score card.
  • No relief in hazards: play it as it lies.
  • Use official drop areas when available (Pres 2, Pres 5, Pres 8, Miss 1, Miss 3, Miss 9).
  • Players in one cart keep the score of the players in the other cart.All players sign all cards in their foursome.
  • Shot of the Day: each foursome will document the best shot of the group for the day.They will submit only 1 best shot per foursome.  Document the player, the hole, the circumstances, and the result.  The overall best Best Shot of the day will receive a prize.
  • The course has some “bald” spots, you may take relief from those without penalty.
  • SCGA handicaps will be taken at face value, unofficial handicaps may be subject to adjustments.
  • Unless an official SCGA handicap the maximum handicap will be 16 with exception.

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