Specific programs have been designed to help the long-term drug and alcohol addicts to get over their addiction. For most of the long-term addiction recovery programs, a person will stay in a managed setting for a period of between 90 days and if needed, up to one whole year. A long-term addition recovery program will provide versatile treatments and a period that is long enough to solve the condition. The long time is mostly offered to the individual that is struggling with the addiction to address the issues that are related to the remedy of that condition.

An extended treatment program is designed to help the people that have not successfully overcome the drug and alcohol addiction through other remedies. Mostly, the long-term addiction recovery program is an alternative of ta residential treatment center. There are some resources that are offered at the extended recovery centers, which aim at those people who struggle with some alcohol and drug reverts.

What do the long-term addiction recovery facilities do?

The major aim of these facilities is to help individuals get over their addictions, but in a different way. As the facilities help people to turn from their addictions, they also help them to avoid reverting to them. The main issue is not to solve their addiction, but to help individuals solve their addiction relapses. Here are some strategies that are used by the facilities:

  • Detoxification. This will be carried out medically, in order to get rid of any toxic content in the body, which might also affect them. This is mostly the first step of the recovery process.
  • Group counseling. This one works in most of the long-term addiction recovery centers and it is mainly aimed at bringing people, who share the same problems together. Here, people share their problems with each other and open up about their embarrassing addictions.
  • Relapse prevention. After the treatment has been solved and the individual is improving, the facility will attempt to help them not go back to their addiction. This can take a maximum of 8 weeks.

The total time of the individual at the center will depend with their personal condition.

Benefits of Long-term Addiction Recovery Facilities

There are a number of benefits that are linked to the long-term addiction recovery facilities:

  • Existence of modified treatment plans. These facilities have a number of plans that are personalized, according to an individual. This helps one to overcome their addiction and relapse in the most comfortable way. Some of the plans include physical exams, and other physcological evaluation, which are aimed at helping an individual overcome their addiction.
  • Group sessions of therapy. There are specific therapy sessions that are aimed at families and groups. The family and group therapies help the patients to have the peer empathy and one will influence the other to open up and end up overcoming the addiction.
  • There are also some practical life skill coaching. The patients will also be taught some practical life skills that help them to live in a healthy, productive and drug-free way. The long-term and recurring addicts will be taught on the communication skills. Other skills that will be taught include time management skills, stress reduction and anger management skills.
  • Individual therapy. There are some patients that prefer some individual therapy and these facilities ensure that such patients are well catered to. There will be some one-on-one sessions that will basically be aimed at offering the best remedy to the patients.
  • Transitional planning. There is a higher percentage of the people who might relapse to the addiction. For that reason, the transitional planning will allow the patients to work together with the doctor in finding the best solution to their addiction. The patient will also be helped to point out the possible temptations for their addiction and consider the most effective treatment.
  • The patients receive aftercare services. The long-term addiction recovery facilities also offer some aftercare services to the patients and these include some things like calling the patients to check on them.

There are also some alumni events that are organized, which helps to avoid the relapse.

Generally, the long-term addiction recovery facilities are aimed at helping the patients get over their drug and alcohol addiction in the most comfortable way. The facilities offer an extended treatment program, for the sake of helping an individual to personally get over the addiction.