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Compete For Cash Prizes In Four Categories:

  • Individual net
  • Two player team net
  • Closest to the pins on all par three’s
  • Additional contests

Dinner: Carne Asada and Chicken Taco Bar and Salads

*$800.00 in CASH Prizes


Join the Fun!


Course: Presidio / Mission
Number of players: 50 +

Compete at both singles and pairs levels: You will play both as single ]player as well as in two player teams simultaneously!  Your individual “net” will go towards your individual score and your net score combined with the net score of you cart partner will go towards your team net.  There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd CASH prizes for both individual and team scores so twice the chances to win.  Plus, there will be cash prizes for closest to the pin on all four Par 3’s.

The day will include:

  • The Round of Golf Including Golf Cart
  • Dinner: Carne Asada and Chicken Taco Bar with Salads
  • CASH Prizes!!!

The Cost $75 per person, that’s all! 

Contests and Prizes (prize amounts are estimated based on a minimum of 40 players… More players = more money):

  • Closest to the hole on Par 3’s (4 of them)$50.00 each
  • First Place Singles Net*$150.00
  • Second Place Singles Net*$100.00
  • Third Place Singles Net*$50.00
  • First Place 2 Player Team$150.00 ($75 per player)
  • Second Place 2 Player Team$100.00 ($50 per player)
  • Third Place 2 Player Team$50.00 ($25 per player)
  • First Place Singles Gross$50.00
  • First Place Putting Contest$20.00

Total Prizes Minimum is $800 based on a minimum of 40 players.

* Net individual based on official SCGA Handicap. Unofficial handicaps will be subject to review.

Two player scoring: Both team players total their score for each hole. The 2 players combined handicaps are deducted from the total round score.

I’m generous but there will be no gimmes:-)

We added new prizes. They will be awarded to:

  • Player with most Sandies in the round (save par from a shot in a bunker)
  • Player with most Kennedies in the round (save par on a hole that you found water)
  • Player with the best shot of the day: One submission per foursome
  • Player with lowest gross score and a Caddy Shack themed putting contest!

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