Faith-Based Drug Addiction Recovery in San Diego

faith-based drug addiction recovery San Diego CADrug and narcotic related problems have come to the forefront of American society in recent years, which now means that professional and compassionate treatment options are crucial. At Restoration Ranch, we provide Christian faith-based drug rehabilitation to help men overcome issues and create a new, clean life, free of drugs.

Located in the San Diego and Ramona areas of California, Restoration Ranch has an 18-bed drug recovery center and offers inpatient and outpatient treatment to assist you in changing your life for the better. Drugs and narcotics can have a destructive impact on your home and working life and the lives of your loved ones and can be difficult to overcome without the right specialist help.

Restoration Ranch Narcotics Services

The team at Restoration Ranch understands that addiction is an illness that affects both the mind and body and can be difficult to control. We employ a range of faith-based and addiction related treatments, such as detox, individual and group counseling sessions and Bible study. Our programs are adapted to your personal needs, lasting between 30 days, 90 days or up to one year.

There are specialized drug counselors available to patients throughout their stay, to help you understand your dependence on narcotics and deal with any additional mental, physical and emotional health problems that may contribute to your issues with addiction.

Patients will follow the standard 12-step program and take part in workshops run by Restoration Ranch and some of our treatment partners, such as Restoration Ministries, which helps you to find freedom from life-controlling problems, including substance abuse. We work with Christian treatment organizations, including Foothills Christian Fellowship, among others.

Learn to Live a Life Without Addiction

As a faith-based drug addiction recovery center, Restoration Ranch has experienced high success rates with previous patients, helping them learn new life skills and learn to live a life without drugs. Testimonials from our previous patients have shown that they credit the program with helping them to create a life for themselves free from a reliance on drugs and allowed them to find the root causes of their addiction to remain clean and healthy.

Restoration Ranch helps patients to embrace God’s love and guidance in their everyday life, focusing on spiritual reflection and the use of scriptures to deal with the impacts of addiction. Our program of drug and alcohol recovery for men also includes work on the ranch itself, collaborating with others as you recover from the consequences of addiction and learn new skills to help you during and after your treatment.

There are many reasons people can begin using narcotics and prescription drugs, which can then lead to addiction, reliance, and further issues. Part of the treatment at Restoration Ranch is to use our counseling sessions to try to resolve the problems you may be experiencing and offer support to find alternative coping strategies and solutions that will help you to continue not using drugs in your future life once you have finished the program and left the facility.

The staff at Restoration Ranch also helps you to deal with cravings, dependence on drugs, tolerance and control issues.

Spiritual Guidance

A Christian faith-based approach to the treatment of drug addiction can work well as it encourages self-reflection and understanding towards yourself and others. We teach new behaviors to replace past destructive patterns, as well as helping you to recondition your body and mind function in both daily life and unexpected or stressful situations without the use of drugs.

We have so far helped over 3000 men in California to overcome issues with substance abuse and drug addiction and are open to all. Restoration Ranch also works with ex-offenders and men being released from jail to learn new ways of living and controlling problems with drugs as a form of rehabilitation.

The program is recommended by the San Diego County Public Defender and has a direct relationship with the San Diego County Chief Probation Officer. Patients joining the program from jail or probation have often found a spiritual connection with reflection during their sentence. A faith-based program is particularly helpful in cases of ex-offenders, helping them to embrace God’s understanding and make a positive change in their lives.

Restoration Ranch aims to help men change their lives and recover from drug addiction, a harmful problem that can impact many lives. Find more information about specialized treatment programs on our website or at Recover Providers.

Need a fresh start? Call Restoration Ranch and get on the path to drug addiction recovery.