When a person is struggling with drug addiction, often sobriety seems like an impossible goal. However, recovery is always possible, it doesn’t matter how hopeless the situation of a drug addict might seem. By addressing the root cause of the addiction and with proper support and treatment, change is possible. Often there are pitfalls, bumps and setbacks in the road to drug addiction recovery recovery. But by examining the problem and thinking about change, you are already on your way.

Decide to make a change concerning drug addiction recovery:

For many people who are suffering from drug addiction, the toughest and the biggest step towards recovery is the first step that is deciding to change things. It is normal if a person is feeling conflicted regarding giving up the drug of their choice, even when they realize that it is causing problems in their life. Making change is not easy—and there are many things that one has to take care of when one commits to sobriety. These include:

  • The way a person deals with stress
  • What a person does in his/her free time
  • Whom a person allows in his/her life
  • How a person thinks about himself/herself.

You might wonder if you have what it takes to quit or if you are ready for the change. It is ok if you are torn. It is a long process to recover from addiction and it requires motivation, support, commitment and time. As you consider your situation, the following tips might help you in decision making.

  • Firstly you should continue to think about change.

  • You should keep track of the drug use including how much and when you use. It will provide you a better understanding of the role that addiction has in your life.
  • Make a list of pros & cons of quitting and also make a list of benefits and costs of continuing to use the drug.
  • Carefully think about the things which are important in your life like, your kids, your partner, your health, or your career. How are those things affected by your drug use?
  • Talk with someone you trust. Ask them how they feel about your situation.
  • Ask yourself if there is anything that prevents you from making the change. What are the things which can help you in changing?

Explore the treatment options

Once you have made up your mind to challenge the drug addiction, it is time to move ahead and explore the treatment options. While considering the treatment options you should keep following things in mind:

  • There is no single treatment or magic bullet which will work for everyone. When you are considering the treatment programs, remember that everyone has different needs. The treatment of drug addiction must be customized according to the patient’s situation and problems. It is important that you go for that program which feels right to you.
  • The treatment should be addressing more than simply your drug abuse. Every aspect of your life is affected by addiction. This includes career, relationships, psychological health and physical health. The success of treatment depends on addressing those reasons that made you to do drugs and on developing new way of life for you. The reason behind your drug problem might be because of inability to manage the stress, and in such a case you will need to find a healthy way of handling the stressful situations.
  • The key in recovery is commitment and following through. Remember that treatment of drug addiction isn’t a quick & easy process. Generally the more intense and longer the drug use, the more intense and longer the treatment you will need. Regardless of the length of the treatment program, long-term follow up care is very important in drug addiction recovery recovery.
  • You can get help from many places. Not everyone requires a medically supervised detox or extended time in rehabilitation. Your age, your history of drug usage, and other psychiatric and medical conditions will be considered when deciding the level of care needed. In addition to psychologists and doctors, many social workers, counselors, and clergy members offer the services of addiction treatment.
  • As you get help for the drug addiction, it is also very important that you get treatment for other psychological or medical issues that you are experiencing. The best chance of recovery is via an integrated treatment for both problems, i.e. mental health problem and substance abuse problem. It means getting a combined addiction and mental health treatment from same treatment provider.

Reach out for support

  • Do not try to make it alone: Whatever approach of treatment you choose, it is necessary to have a solid system of support. If you have more positive influences in your life, there will be more chances of drug addiction recovery. Remember that it is not easy to recover from drug addiction, but having people to turn to in order to get guidance and encouragement, makes it a bit less tough.
  • Get the support of your friends & family: The support of your family members and friends is a very valuable asset in the recovery process. If you are reluctant to turn to the loved ones because you think that you let them down, you should consider going to family therapy or couples counseling.
  • Build a sober social network: In case previously you had a social life that revolved around drugs, you might need to make some new connections. It is important that you have sober friends who will support your drug addiction recovery. In order to build more sober friendships you can try taking some classes, joining some civic group or a church, attending some events in the community or volunteering.
  • Think about moving to sober living home: When you are recovering from the drug addiction, a supportive and safe place is provided by sober living homes. In case you don’t have a living environment that is drug free or you don’t have stable home, then sober living homes can be a good option.
  • Make meetings of recovery support group your priority: Join some recovery support group and make it your priority to attend its meetings. It can be quite healing to spend time with the people who understand what you are going through. You will also benefit from experiences shared by the group members and you will learn what other people have done or are doing in order to stay sober.