Christian recovery groups are an invaluable resource for addicts and former addicts. There are support groups, residential facilities, sober-living homes, as well as Christian-based 12 step meetings. If you are looking for help to escape an addiction for yourself, or a loved one, these types of groups can be a lifeline. Local churches and synagogues often have local recovery groups and prayer groups to support individuals and families. It is not necessary to be a Christian to enter a Christian recovery group program.

Residential Recovery Programs

Residential treatment programs are available and can offer safe housing away from the general public. There are programs located in the mountains, by the ocean, or just about any geographical location. Do a search online to see what type of residential treatment programs are available and what type of services they offer. Clients may be provided with shelter, meals, group counseling and individual counseling sessions, for example. Some residential programs offer a holistic recovery approach. They may include family counseling, pet therapy, anger and stress management, nutrition and exercise programs, and life skills to prepare the recovering addiction to return to their world. After completing a residential program, participants are often given options to continue with counseling, attend 12-step support groups, and rent rooms in a sober-living home.

Counseling for Recovery

Christian-based counseling centersChristian recovery Ramona CA sometimes have recovery groups. If residential treatment is not required or even desired, individual and group counseling can be beneficial. Individual sessions are set up for once or twice a week, or once or twice a month. The number of sessions is determined by the severity of the recovery issue. Group sessions may be offered in conjunction with individual sessions. The focus of the sessions is to develop skills for recovery by utilizing spiritual and Biblical principles of the Christian lifestyle.

Sober Living Christian Recovery Groups

Residential sober-living homes are a place to live while training to feel safe in the world again. Addicts are expected to find a job, attend school or do work training. They will attend counseling and participate in group counseling meetings. The idea of the Christian sober-living home is to provide real-life home situations to individuals who are still receiving support from friends, relatives and counselors. The sober-living homes do not provide residential counselors or other staff. It is simply a safe place for addicts to living while getting the help they need.