The Cartel was founded over a decade ago by a group of people who enjoy people and golf. Their shared enthusiasm of the game is what drew them together and the friendship and camaraderie is what keeps the Cartel alive and well.

Originally, the Cartel was just a regular gathering of friends playing golf. They enjoyed a friendly competition and believed that there was always room for one more player. We were adding new members regularly and the Cartel grew and grew. It would not be unusual to find a group of 7 or more players by the end of the day playing as a single group. The Cartel have a strong commitment to the rules of golf and its etiquette as well as pace of play. Visibly noticeable as a “heard” the group was branded by the golf course as the Cartel and from that day on the name stuck.

Unfortunately, the original course is but the ghost of a course with its hey days well behind it and the Cartel’s members went in multiple directions and the heard was no more… From time to time the group still meets here or there to meet and play as the friendships did survive.

Personally, I relocated at Riverwalk Golf Course and I recently realized the Cartel never left me as I have made new friends who enjoy golf and good company at my new club and that is when it dawned on me that the Cartel was alive and thriving actually. The other Cartel members were doing the same thing at their new clubs. So, while the core of the Cartel was fragmented the ideology was blooming and spreading…

So whoever makes up your group and whatever you call your group, the Cartel welcomes your addition and that of your whole group. We look forward to your company and sharing some time while playing our favorite game.


John D

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